Welcome to 3CL Pro.com, we are a website dedicated to educating the world on the power of 3CL protease inhibition and how it can make a dramatic difference in our daily routines. The source of the 3CL biological target can trace its roots back almost 20 years when pioneering scientist Dorit Arad was looking for a cure for the common cold long before COVID-19 arrived. Topics covered within this site are the different strengths of 3CL protease inhibitors, the tradeoffs between safety and efficacy of the inhibitors breaking down the science, research, and the future uses of these 3CL protease inhibitors.  For those looking to live a healthier lifestyle or skeptical about vaccines, there are plant-based solutions that utilize all-natural sources of 3CL protease inhibition.  The future potential of 3CL inhibitors stretches far and wide.  Help us share the vision, and explore the possibilities of 3CL.